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Gallery of Marlo Flowers Couture Floral Artistry


Horticultural good taste is the earmark of Marlo Flowers. The luxury and freshness of her decor comes from the rules Marlo breaks. She challenges what should go into a bouquet, and is equally demanding of containers. Precious and curious objects all help complete a dinner table or event space atmosphere.

On tables for special dinner occasions Marlo mixes bouquets of flowers with bowls of fruit, or uses a pair of candelabras, and plays with scale and architecture all to add the essential finish to mark the event with an exquisite aesthetic. Marlo is sensitive to the needs and special requests of each client and is constantly inspired by history, interior design, architecture and fashion, all to create beautiful and memorable floral decors.

...You have such a unique sense of seeing flowers — transforming — joining them — pure delight and so special — just what they simply want to be... Thanks so much Marlo..."

Call or email for inquiries for the expert touch of Marlo Flowers. Tel: 1.917.797.7126  

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