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Marlo Flowers Couture and European Floral Artistry


Imaginative and beautiful floral creations by Marlo Flowers are individually designed to reflect each clients' image, style and budget. Marlo Phillips, proprietor, provides consulting services on a wide variety of private and special occasion floral projects. Given the proper setting, her bouquets can conjure up images of a Fragonard still life or the floral beauty of a great scene from a 1930's movie. She also loves cutting-edge, modernistic work.

Marlo doesn't consider flowers 'just an arrangement' but a work of art. In the case of a party or special occasion, she will take the pressure off a client — as they know she will make the setting memorable. She also provides personalized, one-of-a-kind floral gifts and special holiday, wedding and event decors suited to the highest level of taste.

"Marlo just has this amazing panache...
the keynote of her success is her sheer extravagance... she is a genius, there's no question about it.
She is the greatest luxury around."

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